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Apps2Oranges a new service for digital solutions and we want your money.

It’s time for you to have your very own Digital Think Tank.

Digital Innovators

We are developers, designers, analysts, writers, musicians, filmmakers and most importantly, innovators. With over 20 years of experience, our award-winning talent creates solutions for a wide range of industries:

  • insurance & reinsurance
  • finance & banking
  • medical & pharma
  • entertainment & events
  • retail & e-commerce
  • manufacturing & distribution

We engage business leaders one-on-one, or if the situation demands it, take the lead of your globe-spanning team. We can sit down with you over a cup of coffee and map out your project plan or set up that virtual web meet to collaboratively design.

Our clients love the way we provide impressive results at an affordable price. A lot of companies might say it’s not about the bottom line, but it is. Even though we do this work because we love what we do, we’re not naive. And neither are you. We succeed when you succeed. That is why we live and breathe technology. Doesn’t that sound like the sort of people you want to run your next project? more

What We Offer

What do you get when you compare Apples to Oranges?

Exciting Possibilities!

We’re a new breed of web designer. We are more than designers just fiddling with images and code to impress an increasingly hard to impress audience. We don’t aim for the lowest common denominator. For us, the digital world is about progress and forward motion; just like the real world functions.

Digital Think Tank?

We take a collection of diverse web technologists; people who use the latest in visual, audio, print and data to create enticing user experiences and have them focus on your project.

The first stage of our process enters the Think Tank to analyze your world and how to improve your presence in it.

  • Your website might be impressive, but is it reaching the right people?
  • Are you making the right kind of social media decisions?
  • Do you worry about the impact your last print advertisement has made on driving leads or generating new business?
  • Are you tracking your contacts efficiently or are opportunities slipping away?
  • Great questions… we can help you answer them all.

We can upgrade your old website to the latest in responsive design so that it functions across the board on all hardware. We can train you in using your Client Relationship Management software. We can give you advice on how to cut expenses without sacrificing productivity, Apps2Oranges provides experienced leadership and tested solutions to boost your company’s technology and digital efforts.

IT Studio?

The nerdy side of Apps2Oranges. Our IT Studio is more than web design, more than coding. We are an integrated team that plans for the long-term vision. We know that websites are in flux and a good design includes plans for growth, refocus and new opportunities. We keep up with the technology, the hardware, and methodology in the digital world to make sure we provide bug-free, responsive code.

Apples do Equal Oranges.

Apples to Apples, Oranges to Oranges… business isn’t always that tidy. You need to be flexible and have a perspective that lets you compare the seemingly impossible.

We love what we do. You will too.

We know what it’s like to follow a dream and to try to find the right paths to achieve it. Apps2Oranges comes from a background of artists. Artists that love challenges and reaching people in new and improved ways. We’re also hardcore nerds. We spend our free time pouring thru frameworks, art tools, cameras, drones, gadgets so we can provide more resiliency in creating our projects.

Anyplace, anytime.

We’re decentralized, home office, internet cafe, just need a WiFi connection crew. We don’t need a big overhead, but if we need to gather in person with our clients, that’s no problem. We leverage co-offices when we need them, so we can be at your beck and call when you want us. Truthfully, if we are doing our job right, the only time you will want to see us is when you are celebrating your site’s launch.

  • Gratuitous Bar Graphs 100%
  • Percent of our team that are female 33%
  • % of Team that are Natural Gingers 0%
  • % of Team that know what a Ginger is 33%
  • % of projects created for companies with 500+ employees 85%
  • % of Team that watched Square Pegs when it first ran 16%


Complete Web Experience Management

The internet is thriving again. The web is reinventing itself via big data, crowdsourcing, and social media are pushing the boundaries. Content needs to be current. Users expect a lot more for their time while their attention span becomes harder to capture.

orange-arrow2Are you ready for a deeper user experience? Your audience is.

Drastic changes to our hardware has created new trends and strategies. The touch screen alone has broken traditional user interfaces and driven the user experience (UX) into a more intimate, literally hands on, dynamic. We love this. We want more. Drones, wearables, holograms.. we CAN imagine the possibilities. more

 The Buzz . . .

I can wholeheartedly recommend Allan Bush in the field of design, tech and data knowledge. Allan recently helped me when my website was hacked. Importantly, the hack came just before I was about to release a new recording. I was frantic but Allan helped build and design new secure website, saving me from a near disaster. The new site is not only 100 times better than my previous site, it’s is secure and constantly monitored to ensure no future hacks. I would invite anyone to view the site, as Allan’s work speaks volumes about his skill set.

Mikel Rouse

Composer and Director, Mikel Rouse Productions

I had the good fortune of working with Allan during an exciting time. The organization for which we worked was, at last, ready to embrace marketing in very real way. Allan was instrumental in developing the marketing plan, rebranding the organization, firming up the product positioning and creating marketing communications. He worked efficiently and effectively, whether employing outside resources or rolling up his sleeves and generating the work product himself. He was an extremely positive influence on all members of the organization and the impact of his contribution was felt years after he moved on.

Gregg Janes

Vice President, Advanced Markets, AIG

Allan played an instrumental role in helping the communications department at CIT launch innovative projects and applications to support the new CEO’s change and cost-savings initiatives.

He is creative, even-tempered, and persistent in seeking optimum solutions to often complex problems. Allan is also articulate in stating the business and technical or project management case for proposed courses of action, and as such, would be an asset to any organization or Web development team.

Andy O'Hearn

Communications Manager, AMO Communications

Allan was instrumental in getting our division’s new website, featuring a whole new navigation and design from the parent site, into production on time, even after encountering many unanticipated external obstacles in the development phase. During this period, Allan showed creativity, persistence, innovative thinking and a complete understanding of my needs and deadlines. It was through his efforts that the site launch was such a success. Allan has been and continues to be a great co-worker and excellent resource for our web needs

Michael Updyke

Assistant Vice President, Marketing, AXIS Accident & Health